George Scangos, Biogen

CEO, Biogen
Total 2014 Compensation: $18.63 million

Biogen ($BIIB) has been on a growth streak, fueled by its multiple sclerosis hotshot pill Tecfidera. It recently rolled out two next-gen hemophilia drugs. And it has whetted investors' appetite with early-stage results for an Alzheimer's drug that--if successful, and that's a big if--could zoom to $5 billion in peak sales. The company is so jazzed about its pipeline that it's building a $1 billion plant in Switzerland and figures it will need more manufacturing capacity to keep up.

CEO George Scangos has watched his pay grow, too. Scangos totted up $18.6 million for 2014, up from $15 million in 2013 and $13.45 million the year before that.

Scangos' compensation is heavily weighted toward equity, but he has collected sizable cash incentive pay, too. His base salary was a run-of-the-mill $1.38 million for 2014--on par with that of many other biopharma chiefs--but his incentive pay was on the higher end of things at $4.05 million.

Perhaps that's because Biogen doesn't hand out options. Scangos' equity compensation was all on the stock-award side at $12.12 million. $90,000 in pension benefits and $1 million in other compensation round out the total.

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George Scangos, Biogen