FluMist Quadrivalent

Vaccine: FluMist Quadrivalent
Company: AstraZeneca
Approval Date: Feb. 29
Protects Against: Influenza

AstraZeneca ($AZN), maker of the nasal spray vaccine FluMist, nabbed FDA approval for a quadrivalent version of the flu vaccine Feb. 29. FluMist Quadrivalent not only covers two strains of influenza A and one strain of influenza B, but it also adds protection against a second strain of influenza B. This should increase efficacy because it gives health experts and vaccine manufacturers another shot at matching a circulating strain with a strain in the vaccine. Plus, the nasal spray appeals to many who shy away from the jab of a needle.

AstraZeneca compared the quadrivalent verision with the trivalent FluMist, finding that both maintained similar safety levels. Adding the extra strain did not affect immune response.

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FluMist Quadrivalent

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