Flemming Ornskov, Shire

CEO, Shire
Total 2014 Compensation: $14.22 million

Shire ($SHPG) revenue skyrocketed by 23% in 2014, thanks to solid drug sales growth and a $4.2 billion deal for rare disease drugmaker ViroPharma, which closed in January. But CEO Flemming Ornskov might have scored even more growth had a hostile bid from AbbVie ($ABBV) not interfered with his M&A plans.

Ornskov and Shire ended up flying solo again, after new tax inversion rules prompted AbbVie to drop its pursuit--and pay a breakup fee of $1.635 billion. With $5.83 billion on its 2014 top line, the company is 60% of the way to its goal of $10 billion in sales by 2020. And with that breakup fee now in its war chest, it's back on the M&A trail, with two deals to its credit so far in 2015.

Meanwhile, Shire asked FDA to bless a new use for its ADHD drug Vyvanse in binge eating disorder--an app that's been approved since. Ornskov figures that could add $300 million to the drug's peak sales.

For all that activity, Ornskov collected $1.3 million in base salary, plus a $1.76 million cash bonus and short-term equity award of $585,000. His retirement benefits amounted to $390,000, and other benefits, $107,000. That put his total for his fixed and short-term pay at $4.14 million.

Shire also granted Ornskov some long-term share awards that won't vest till 2017; at 100% vesting, those would be worth $5.76 million and $4.32 million, respectively, bringing his total to $14.22 million.

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Flemming Ornskov, Shire

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