FiercePharma's 2007 trends & 2008 predictions

Take a look at FiercePharma's 2007 year-end round-up and our predictions for the year ahead.  

2007 pharma industry trends:

1. The specter of generic competition grows 

2. New CEOs march to the top 

3. Pharma layoffs set new record

4. Pharma goes mad for biotech deals

5. FDA: Hyper-cautious or simply vigilant?

2008 Predictions:

1. Wanted: Rugged pharmas for tough trip

2. FDA reforms lack cash backup

3. Pharma noshes at the biotech buffet

4. Pharma feeds contract manufacturing

5. Blockbusters on their way to generic-land

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FiercePharma's 2007 trends & 2008 predictions