Exel: Top 10 Pharma Cargo Thefts

Exel Distribution Center

Date: March 23, 2009
Time: Over two days
Location: Olive Branch, MS
Value: $3 million
Drugs Stolen: Various OTC Bayer products

Thieves entered and ransacked the Exel warehouse over the weekend. The following Monday morning investigators found that thieves had disabled all of the security on the premises. Alarm wires had been cut, surveillance camera lenses were sprayed with dark paint, CCTV recording discs taken, forklift trucks having been moved and pallets were both missing and others broken into. Holes had also been cut in the exterior fence line surrounding the site as an exit strategy in the event of detection.

Resolution: In early April 2009, one third of the 168 pallets taken in this burglary were recovered.

Exel: Top 10 Pharma Cargo Thefts