Ensemble and Alexion, Novartis

Company: Ensemble
Partners: Alexion ($ALXN), Novartis ($NVS)
Technology: Ensemblins
Amount: Alexion, undisclosed; Novartis, undisclosed

The scoop: Both Alexion and Novartis snagged a piece of Ensemble Therapeutics in 2013, each locking down a partnership with the creator of Ensemblin technology, which is designed to make biologics deliverable orally as opposed to by injection. For this, Alexion and Novartis both signed on for undisclosed amounts. Considering Ensemble pulled in $186 million from Boehringer Ingelheim in 2012, odds are these were decent-sized deals.

Harvard professor and Howard Hughes Medical Institute Investigator David Liu's work provided the foundation for Ensemble, and Liu is still involved with the company. Ensemble promises a simpler delivery route for biologics that can traditionally be taken only via injection. The technology is in its very early stages, but the idea is one that interests big players in the industry.

Also on Ensemble's partner list from years prior are Pfizer ($PFE), Bristol-Myers Squibb ($BMY) and Genentech.

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Ensemble and Alexion, Novartis

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