Eli Lilly: Top 10 Pharma Cargo Thefts

Eli Lilly Warehouse Heist

Date: March 14, 2010
Time: Late Saturday/Early Sunday
Location:  Enfield, CT
Value: $76 million
Drugs Stolen: Prozac, ADHD treatment Stattera, Cymbalta, Zyprexa, Gemzar, Alimta, Efient

In a Mission Impossible-style raid, ambitious thieves vaulted over a wall, climbed onto the roof of the warehouse and the then cut a hole in the roof. They rappelled down into the warehouse, disabled the alarm, and worked for a couple of hours loading trucks before taking off with the stolen goods. 

The large pay-out offered by pharmaceutical theft is irresistible to thieves, when by comparison the average bank robbery nets only $10,000. Cargo thieves are not generally linked to typical organized crime families, but they do represent an active form of organized crime, with deep networks linked to stealing and selling product. That makes them professional criminals.

Resolution: None of the drugs have yet to be accounted for.

Eli Lilly: Top 10 Pharma Cargo Thefts