Eli Lilly

2. Eli Lilly

Total Ad Spend: $433.4 million
Television: $367.3 million
Magazine: $43.4 million
Other: $22.7 million

Eli Lilly ($LLY) is getting what it can from erectile dysfunction (ED) drug Cialis and antidepressant Cymbalta while the gettin' is good. It loses patent protection late this year on Cymbalta, which has been generating about $5 billion annually. Lilly also keeps pushing Cialis. A recent study criticized the industry for failing to adhere to voluntary guidelines on when such ads will run, pointing out that ads for Cialis and other ED drugs have crept into family viewing time slots. 

In the spotlight

Cymbalta for pain, $165.8 million
Cialis, $162.8 million
Cymbalta for depression, $77.2 million


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