Eli Lilly - The 12 greenest companies in biopharma

Eli Lilly

2009 Figures

CO2-equiv emissions: 2.0M metric tons/year (2.18M)
Water Intake/Use: Intake: 25B liters (31B)
Waste: 91M kg (104M)
Energy: 13.31B megajoules (14.5B)

Eli Lilly went topside in its sustainability initiatives. The drugmaker tends four green roofs on buildings at its Indianapolis, IN, corporate center. The gardens eliminate 275,000 gallons of storm water runoff annually, the company says. And they help reduce the so-called urban heat island effect, which boosts temperatures in built-up areas relative to those of nearby rural areas. Among Lilly's rooftop flora are 11 types of drought-resistant sedum plants suited to the Midwest climate.

Lilly also targets information technology in its energy-improvement efforts, specifically data centers and printing and computing equipment. The company claims savings of nearly 4.5 million kilowatt-hours of energy over the past two years--corresponding to 3,200 metric tons of CO2.

The drugmaker has deployed an asset-recovery team that collects and offers for reuse surplus manufacturing and lab equipment and finds homes for them inside and outside the company rather than disposing of them. The effort reportedly saves $5.5 million annually while cutting waste.

Eli Lilly - The 12 greenest companies in biopharma