Eli Lilly

Lilly CEO John Lechleiter

10. Eli Lilly
2013 revenue: $23.113 billion
2012 revenue: $22.603 billion

Lilly ($LLY) may have moved into the Top 10 this year after failing to make the cut in 2012. But that doesn't mean 2013 was a knockout year for the Indianapolis-based drugmaker. On the contrary, it marked the second full year affected by the patent loss of blockbuster antipsychotic Zyprexa. Sales of the drug fell by 30% to $1.7 billion as it continued to drag down the company's full-year revenue, which still sits more than $1 billion below pre-patent-cliff levels.

Now, Lilly is up against a similar situation with leading seller Cymbalta, which fell prey to generic competition in December. Copycats dragged down the antidepressant's fourth-quarter sales by 38%, though the blow was not as bad as analysts had expected. And Cymbalta had most of the year to rack up megablockbuster sales, netting $5.1 billion.

A host of other blockbusters helped make up Lilly's 2013 sales tally, with second-best-seller Alimta, a lung cancer med, contributing $2.7 billion. Diabetes treatment Humalog was not far behind, grabbing another $2.6 billion for the drugmaker, with revenues swelling 9% over the previous year.

A few of Lilly's drugs grew even faster, hitting double-digit sales growth, with blockbuster Cialis among them. The erectile dysfunction treatment saw revenue gains of 12%, bringing its yearlong haul to $2.2 billion. And rising even faster was Strattera, an ADHD treatment that chipped in $709.2 million to log a 14% sales expansion. Lilly CEO John Lechleiter is promising that Lilly R&D will deliver multiple new drugs a year for the next several years to bring the company back. But it has promised that before, and since 2009 it has nailed only one actual new drug approval.

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Eli Lilly

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