Dietary supplements - Top drug shortages by treatment category

In this case, we use the term "dietary supplement" to mean vitamins and elements used to aid or sustain health in response to particular conditions. We exclude the non-medically-necessary supplements that hype physique enhancement and other vanity wish-list items (which appear to be suffering no shortage in supply anyway).

Another way to view of our definition of "dietary supplement," which relates to those in short supply identified in the following listing, is to think of them as a gastrointestinal/nutritional category, meeting the needs of ambulatory as well as non-ambulatory patients.

As Fox pointed out earlier in this report, it's possibly the drugs and substances used every day in hospitals, including dietary supplements, that make up the worst shortages.

  • Selenium Injection; American Regent
  • Sodium Flouride Oral Drops; Hi-Tech
  • Amino Acid Products; Hospira
  • Amino Acid Injection; Hospira, Baxter, B Braun
  • Ammonium Chloride Injection; Hospira
  • Sodium Chloride Concentrate; Hospira, APP, American Regent
  • Calcitrol Injection; Abbott, APP, American Regent, West-ward
  • Calcium Chloride Injection; American Regent
  • Calcium Gluconate Injection; American Regent, APP
  • Cyanocobalamin Injection; APP
  • Heparin Sodium Injection; Baxter, Hospira, APP
  • Hydroxocobalamin Injection; Meridian Medical Technologies
  • Multiple Vitamins for infusion; Hospira, Baxter
  • Potassium Acetate Injection; Hospira, American Regent
  • Potassium Phosphate Injection; American Regent, Hospira
  • Sodium Phosphate Injection; American Regent, Hospira
  • Trace Elements Injection; American Regent
  • Vitamin A Injection; Hospira
  • Zinc Injection; Hospira, American Regent
  • Aquasol A; Hospira
  • Arginine Injection; Pfizer
Dietary supplements - Top drug shortages by treatment category