Dey Pharmaceuticals: Top 10 Pharma Cargo Thefts

Dey Pharmaceuticals Truck

Date: August 6, 2009
Time: Unknown
Location: McKinney, TX
Value: $2 million
Drugs stolen: Prescription respiratory medication - Albuterol

The driver parked his rig on Wednesday, August 5 at 11:30 AM and returned to the parking lot at 2:30 AM the next day. Truck and trailer were missing.

According to security company FreightWatch International, pharmaceutical theft accounts for only about five percent of all cargo theft. But in total dollar value, drugmakers experience the highest losses. In 2009 the average heist netted thieves $2.5 million worth of drugs. This year seems to be following in the same trend.

Resolution: The drugs were later recovered.

Dey Pharmaceuticals: Top 10 Pharma Cargo Thefts