David Pyott, Allergan

Chairman and CEO (now former), Allergan
Total 2014 Compensation: $17.79 million

David Pyott's biggest achievement for 2014 may be what he didn't do. The Allergan chairman and CEO fought long and hard to keep Valeant Pharmaceuticals ($VRX) from taking over his company, engineering a $66 billion sale to ambitious Actavis ($ACT) instead.

The much-sweetened price did shareholders a favor (including himself, but we'll get to that). The Allergan name now lives on as the merged company's moniker. But Pyott decided not to stick around to enjoy the results, not even as a board member.

That long slog through 2014 earned Pyott $17.79 million in total compensation, a $2.8 million boost from the previous year. His base salary amounted to $1.4 million, with $2.22 million in incentive pay on top of that. Allergan didn't hand out any share awards but did give Pyott almost $10 million worth of options. Pension growth of $4 million and $52,000 in perks and benefits make up the rest.

All this may have swelled Pyott's personal balance sheet, but it pales against the boost from Allergan's sale. When the company changed hands, Pyott cashed in stock and options worth $543 million.

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David Pyott, Allergan