Drug: Cymbalta  
Company: Eli Lilly
Total spend Q1, 2012: $46.7 million
Total spend Q1, 2011: $440,360
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Clearly, Eli Lilly ($LLY) is milking this cow for all it is worth before its patent expires. That would have happened at the end of June 2013, but the FDA extended the patent for another 6 months through its pediatric-exclusivity program after Lilly studied the effects of the antidepressant on children and adolescents. Cymbalta is Lilly's second best-selling drug, generating $3.2 billion last year behind another antidepressant, Zyprexa. In the first quarter, when this ad spend was happening, the drug brought in more than $1 billion in retail sales, says, up 7.6%, after Lilly boosted its price.