7. Ciprodex

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Endo projects it'll launch a Ciprodex generic in 2020, according to an investor presentation. (Agê Barros via Unsplash)

Use: ear infections 
2019 U.S. sales: $470 million (estimate) 
Generics expected: 2020 

Ciprodex is a treatment for ear infections manufactured by Novartis.

Endo has been gearing up for a generic launch and estimates it’ll hit the market this year, according to its fourth-quarter 2019 investor presentation. Citing IQVIA data, the drugmaker says Ciprodex sales were about $470 million in 2019. IQVIA data doesn’t always include all rebate information, so recorded revenues may have been lower. For its part, Novartis didn't report Ciprodex sales, indicating they were not material to the drugmaker. A Novartis representative said the company doesn't break out sales for "mature and smaller brands."

Despite Endo’s 2020 launch estimate, FDA records don’t yet show any approved copycats. 

It’s an expensive medicine that most insurance plans cover for a copay of $35 to $67, GoodRx notes. Cash prices at pharmacies are typically in the hundreds of dollars, according to the website.  

Ciprodex is one of several first-to-file or first-to-market generics Endo aims to launch in the coming years. BioMarin’s Kuvan, also included in this report, is another. The company also aims to launch generics of Takeda’s Dexilant and Gattex, but patent settlements for those two medications have confidential terms, Endo says. Further, Endo estimates it will be able to launch a version of Takeda’s Amitiza in the first quarter of 2021. 

7. Ciprodex

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