Drug: Celebrex
Company: Pfizer
Total spend Q1, 2012: $32.2 million
Total spend Q1, 2011: $35.5 million
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Pfizer has earned big bucks on the painkiller: $2.5 billion last year. It generated $431 million in the first quarter of this year, drugs.com says, up just 1.1%. But Pfizer has had to fight for that money. It recently settled for $450 million a lawsuit in which Brigham Young University claimed that the company had shut it out of royalties it deserved for helping develop Celebrex. And back in 2008, the company paid close to a billion dollars to settle suits alleging personal injuries from taking Celebrex and Bextra, another painkiller. The patent is good into 2014 but Pfizer says in the U.S., while it is promoting the drug, sales are challenged by increased competition from generic versions of competitors' medicines.

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