Cedarburg Pharmaceuticals - Top 10 Standout CMOs

Cedarburg Pharmaceuticals

Cedarburg Hauser represents the 2009 union of Cedarburg Pharmaceuticals and Hauser Pharmaceutical Services. Its specialty is API development, especially early-stage and preclinical. Capabilities of the Grafton, WI, CMO include synthetic and organic chemistry for drug development, as well as natural product extraction, isolation and purification.

In August, Cedarburg Hauser adding Joseph Guiles as GM of INB Hauser Pharmaceutical Services in Denver.

Its CP rating of 75% in Q3 is a three-point boost over Q2 and an 11-point jump from Q1. Its CA scores run in the 20% to 30% range.

Cedarburg Pharmaceuticals - Top 10 Standout CMOs