Boehringer Ingelheim

Rank in 2013: 2nd
Community Size: 9th
Activity: 1st
Engagement: 1st
Virality: 1st

Boehringer Ingelheim landed at the top of Ogilvy's list again, this time taking over the No. 1 spot, despite its sporting a smaller-than-average community. That was especially true on Twitter, Ogivly noted, proving that a small group of loyal re-tweeters can be more powerful than a larger, less-engaged audience.

Boehringer's social strategy is led by two young millennial women--Patricia Alves and Jaclyn Fonteyne--with strong backing up the corporate chain. Both women began working at Boehringer in 2013, the same year the drugmaker began hosting tweetchats with specific topics and hashtags, including #COPDchat and #ChatAFib. The team created a playbook for the tweetchats; it's proprietary, but they published a white paper detailing much of the strategy, along with lessons learned along the way. The chats gained significant first-mover media attention--including a selected case study by Twitter itself, highlighting it as good business practice--and helped the team win a slew of awards for innovation.

Boehringer's overall social efforts are broad and engaged: It is active on 8 out of the 10 social networks, and Ogilvy rated the company "well-connected" on 7 of them, meaning the networks are featured on Boehringer's home page, and they are cross-linked with one another. Boehringer is exceptionally active on Pinterest (27 boards), Vine (714 followers) and Instagram (921 followers), possibly reflecting the Millennial bent of its chief strategists.

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Boehringer Ingelheim

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