Bind Biosciences - Fierce's 5 Drug Delivery Companies to Watch

Company: Bind Biosciences
Headquarters: Cambridge, MA
Founded: 2006
Employees: 30

Core drug delivery technology: Bind's Accurins technology blends polymers with existing drugs to create an enhanced, controlled-release compound that hits a precise target with its payload. Bind's first drug, Bind-014, is a formulation of docetaxel, the active ingredient in Taxotere, a drug that treats breast, prostate, lung and other cancers.

Why the company matters: This 2008 Fierce15 company from the mind of legendary MIT scientist Robert Langer has only generated more buzz since we profiled it back then. Bind-014 wowed researchers in preclinical studies by delivering up to 20 times more docetaxel to a tumor site than a similar dose of Taxotere on its own, and a Phase I trial involving 30 patients commenced in early 2010. Last fall, the company nailed a $47.25 million financing bonanza from Russia's multibillion-dollar government fund RusNano, with plans to use the cash infusion to establish new research and development operations in Russia and also support Bind-014's continued development through clinical efficacy studies. Langer told us that the drug's Phase I results are set to come out soon. He wouldn't give many details other than telling us that the paper highlighting the results "will create a lot of attention [for] Bind Biosciences."

Bind Biosciences - Fierce's 5 Drug Delivery Companies to Watch

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