Big Pharma's Q2 2010 Earnings Report

by Maureen Martino and Erica Teichert

Need a Big Pharma financial fix? Look no further. FiercePharma is launching a new feature to help you keep track of drugmakers' quarterly results. We've compiled earnings reports from the top 10 companies in pharma, as ranked by 2009 revenues. Each profile includes earnings summaries, quick factoids on the numbers, and links to company news. Check out the list below, or click through any of our reports on these companies.

1. Johnson & Johnson's Q2 earnings
2. Pfizer's Q2 earnings
3. Roche's Q2 earnings
4. GlaxoSmithKline's Q2 earnings
5. Novartis' Q2 earnings
6. Sanofi-Aventis's Q2 earnings
7. AstraZeneca's Q2 earnings
8. Abbott Labs' Q2 earnings
9. Merck's Q2 earnings 
10. Bayer Healthcare's Q2 earnings


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