Best Pharma Stocks of 2007

When it comes to picking stocks, prediction may be murky, but hindsight is crystal clear. We looked at every company in the Wall Street Journal's pharma sector (plus a few others of our own choice), comparing their stock prices on January 1 and December 31, 2007. Then we ranked those companies by percentage increase in stock price. If we'd had the same info at the beginning of last year, these are the 15 stocks we would have chosen. Check out this list of the best pharma stocks of 2007, or click here for a list of the worst-performing stocks.

1. Questcor
2. Pharmion
3. Xenoport
4. MGI Pharma
5. Rigel Pharmaceuticals
6. Perrigo
7. Nexmed
8. Chelsea Therapeutics
9. Obagi Medical
10. Cleveland BioLabs
11. Teva Pharmaceutical
12. Bentley Pharmaceutical
13. Durect
14. Cypress Bioscience
15. SGX Pharmaceuticals


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