Bayer - Top 13 Ad Budgets

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2007 Ad Spending: $861 million
2006 Ad Spending: $683.4 million


  • Magazines: $102.5 million
  • Newspaper: $16.1 million
  • Outdoor: $900,000
  • TV: $330.6 million
  • Radio: $18 million
  • Internet: $5.3 million

Where Bayer is spending money: Almost all of Bayer's top products enjoyed a budget boost, but the largest increases went to Bayer's contraceptives Yaz ($75.8M) and Mirena ($39.5M), which were hiked 253 percent and 209 percent, respectively.

Most of Bayer's consumer products were up as well. Aleve--the company's biggest campaign--was up 42 percent to $87 million, and Bayer's image-advertising came in third behind Yaz with a $74 million budget. One A Day, Ascensia, Alka-Seltzer and Midol rounded out Bayer's ad budgets that saw increases in 2007.

The company upped ad spending for magazines, along with newspaper, TV and local radio. Overall, Bayer's 2007 sales increased a hefty 22 percent to $44 million.

Where Bayer isn't spending money: The only big product that experienced a budget cut was the veterinary drug K9 Advantix, down 18 percent from 2006 to $18 million. The company backed off national newspaper spots and radio, as well as Internet advertising, which was down over 50 percent.

Bayer - Top 13 Ad Budgets

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