Bayer Healthcare

Rank in 2013: 10th
Community Size: 13th
Activity: 2nd
Engagement: 5th
Virality: 2nd

Bayer Healthcare jumped in the rankings this year to No. 2, with Ogilvy noting it did so "by adopting a fresher strategic approach." Bayer HealthCare is particularly active on Twitter, where it has more than 75,000 followers. Promotion around and about awareness days, including World Diabetes Day and World Stroke Day, account for many of its tweets. Bayer HealthCare also aggressively markets its annual Grants4Apps healthcare incubator program on millennial hangouts such as Twitter and Vine.

One interesting example of engagement from BayerGroup is a YouTube video it created, called "8 simple steps to cure any disease," that tackles the issue of drug development expenses in a tongue-in-cheek way. It goes through the arduous drug research and development process, quoting numbers and tossing in cheeky commentary like "Googling and Wikipedia-ing won't cut it" for research, and "no, Facebook friends won't be enough" for a clinical trial. The kicker, of course, is that €1 billion for the average development of a new drug is a huge undertaking and not actually to be taken lightly. The video's current 150,000+ views far outstrips the average 6,600 views for typical science and tech videos.

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Bayer Healthcare

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