Baxter's Robert Parkinson - CEO Pay

Robert Parkinson, Baxter CEO

Robert Parkinson - Baxter International

Total Compensation: $16M

Details: Parkinson received total compensation of $16 million, down form $17.6 million in 2007. According to SEC filings, Parkinson's compensation "reflects the role he plays in establishing Baxter's strategic agenda and long-range plan, meeting the challenges that arise in the day-to-day operations of a company as large and diverse as Baxter and leading the company in an increasingly challenging global economic environment."

The CEO's base salary came to $1.34 million, restricted stock awards totaled $5.54 million, options came to $5.3 million and cash compensation was $2.7 million. Perks leapt from $153,158 in 2007 to $212.326 in 2008.

Baxter News:
FDA finds 'final link' in heparin case

Baxter's Robert Parkinson - CEO Pay

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