6. Atripla

Gilead Sciences entered a patent deal with Teva allowing Atripla generics later this year. (Gilead China)

Disease: HIV 
2019 U.S. sales: $501 million 
Generics expected: Sept. 30, 2020

Like Truvada, Atripla is another Gilead medicine that’s set for generic competition this fall under a patent deal with Teva Pharmaceutical Industries.  

The HIV drug, a combo of Bristol Myers Squibb’s efavirenz plus Gilead’s emtricitabine and tenofovir disoproxil fumarate, generated $501 million in the U.S. last year. Gilead has inked a deal with Teva allowing generics on Sept. 30, 2020, its annual SEC filing shows. 

But unlike with Truvada, Teva doesn’t currently have an approved generic to Atripla, FDA records show. That could change in 2020, so we chose to include the drug in this report. 

Companies boasting approved copycats include Aurobindo and Cipla, according to the agency's [email protected] database.

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Aside from Atripla, Gilead’s blockbuster Truvada will face generics at the end of September, exposing billions in the drugmaker’s revenues to copycats. As the company’s Kite Pharma buyout hasn’t yet brought in big-time sales—and following R&D setbacks—Gilead CEO Daniel O’Day recently said he feels a “sense of urgency” to bolster the company with dealmaking. 

6. Atripla

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