Rank in 2013: 12th
Community Size: 10th
Activity: 12th
Engagement: tied for 14th
Virality: 8th

AstraZeneca ($AZN) ranked last for engagement and near the bottom for activity, however, its No. 10 overall designation means it actually rose in Ogilvy's ranking by two spots this year. According to the survey, AZ is active on 6 social media sites, which is average, but is networked across only two of them, which may be part of the engagement problem. IMS Health's study on social pharmas found AZ had a low retweet rate of 2.1 per tweet.

Its Facebook page--AstraZeneca US Community Connections--focuses mainly on disease awareness and corporate initiatives, such as its Youth Health Programme, which is a common tactic among pharma. However, its Twitter feed can be more engaging and conversational, especially when the social media team tweets from conferences.

AstraZeneca also got social media props for its cancer initiative on Twitter and Instagram in October, encouraging women to share information and photos relating to their metastatic breast cancer experience, hashtagged #MBCStrength.

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