Drug: Asacol
Generic: Mesalamine
The company: Warner Chilcott ($WCRX), UCB and Zeria Pharmaceutical
Patent expiration date: July 30, 2013
Estimated Global Sales 2012: $891 million

The scoop: Warner Chilcott is facing an issue of growth potential. The company's second-largest product, Actonel, lost patent exclusivity in Europe. The drug saw declining prescriptions in the U.S., too. And now the company's largest product, the ulcerative colitis drug Asacol, is headed off patent come July. Though we have yet to see Warner Chilcott's third quarter report, we do know Asacol sales have been flat. The drug is estimated to make $891 million globally this year. Whether its successor, Asacol HD, will manage to grow sales further remains to be seen. The company tends to rely on small advancements on current products to move forward.

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