Total: $104 million

Restasis: $43.6 million
Botox (wrinkles): $24 million
Latisse: $9.8 million
Watch the Restasis TV commercial here >>

Allergan ($AGN) made its name with antiwrinkle drug Botox, which it continues to push to consumers. For this time period, it put twice the advertising bucks behind Restasis, a drug for chronic dry eye, as it did for Botox. The patent for it expires in May 2014, the company says, and in June the FDA said it was not going to require generics makers to do clinical trials to get approvals of their copycats. That news was a gut blow to Allergan. As well as advertising it heavily, the company has been notching up the price of the drug in 5% increments for some time. It says all of the rebates and discounts make it impossible to know what the net effect of those price hikes are, but it did report a 10.8% sales jump for the 6 months, hitting $423.1 million.


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