Alex Gorsky - Johnson & Johnson

Alex Gorsky
Chairman and CEO, Johnson & Johnson
Total Compensation: $10.98 million

Professional Profile: Alex Gorsky, 52, actually started his professional career at Johnson & Johnson ($JNJ), and he spent all but four years of it at the company. After climbing the ladder through sales, marketing and management at Janssen Pharmaceuticals, he moved to London as group chairman for J&J's pharma business in Europe. In 2004, he said a temporary goodbye to the company, joining Novartis ($NVS) as COO of the pharma business. He took over as CEO of Novartis Pharmaceuticals and head of the company's pharma operations in North America in 2005. In 2008, he elected to return to J&J as group chairman of the surgical device business Ethicon. From there it was a matter of stepping up to bigger jobs in the devices and diagnostics business until he became CEO in April 2012. He took over as chairman in December.

Compensation Breakdown: $1.087 million in salary, $2.79 million in stock and $1.483 million in option awards, plus $3.41 million in incentive pay, $2.05 million in pension benefits and deferred compensation, and $159,774 in other compensation.

Company Performance: Gorsky took the CEO's chair at Johnson & Johnson in April, but he had already been instrumental in one of the company's biggest accomplishments of the year: He engineered the buyout of the Swiss devicemaker Synthes, a $19.7 billion deal. The transaction closed a couple of months after Gorsky became CEO.

On the pharma side of the business, J&J turned out several new drugs at a time when everyone in Big Pharma is struggling to make up sales lost to the patent cliff. J&J's prostate cancer pill Zytiga and blood thinner Xarelto have quickly become solid additions to its revenue stream. And the company was one of only four top drugmakers to actually grow sales last year, to $67.2 billion. If it can only fix its McNeil Consumer Healthcare problems, its sales may step upward even more.

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Alex Gorsky - Johnson & Johnson