Drug: Abilify
Company: Bristol-Myers Squibb
Total spend Q1, 2012: $35.9 million
Total spend Q1, 2011: $29.7 million
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While it got itself into trouble early with this atypical antipsychotic, in the long run it has paid off handsomely for Bristol-Myers Squibb ($BMY). Abilify placed third in drugs.com's first-quarter ranking of top selling drugs at $1.34 billion. Pretty impressive since sales in all of last year were $2.8 billion, suggesting that the advertising is paying off. It has not always been smooth sailing on this product. Abilify was the focus of the company's 2007, $515 million settlement agreement with the Justice Department, which said the company targeted sales at dementia patients and adolescents, in whom use was unapproved at the time. Bristol-Myers licenses the drug from Japan's Otsuka Pharmaceutical and has patent protection in the U.S. into 2015.

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