Total: $180.3 million

Top 2 drugs
Humira (arthritis): $62 million; Humira (psoriasis): $36.7 million
Androgel: $45.6 million
Watch the Humira TV commercial here >>

One might wonder why a company that has the best-selling drug in the world--and one that is slated to remain the best-selling drug for the next 5 years--would feel the need to spend money advertising it. The reason is that until AbbVie ($ABBV) can push some new drugs out of its pipeline, the company will rise, or fall, on sales of the arthritis drug. Humira generated $9.6 billion in global revenues last year. The advertising must be helping because U.S. sales were up 19% to $2.18 billion in the first half of 2013.


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