Abbott's Absorb

Company: Abbott Laboratories ($ABT)
Device: Absorb
Drug delivered: everolimus

Why it's important: Abbott is once again making waves in the industry, this time with its Absorb dissolving stent currently in trials, which is poised to become the first of its kind to gain U.S. approval.

What makes Absorb unique is it's designed to completely dissolve in the body over time, a quality that would theoretically improve the safety of the device over previous non-dissolving incarnations, which can carry the risk of new blood clots and can cause inflammation. Plus, as a delivery device, the everolimus-coated stent helps prevent restenosis, or the narrowing of the vascular channel, a condition that can necessitate further surgical procedures.

Back in January, Abbott launched a massive clinical trial to prop up the approval process with a plethora of data on Absorb, not taking any chances along the way. The company could really use a win in the stent market, with Boston Scientific ($BSX), Medtronic ($MDT) and Terumo all nipping at its heels.

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Abbott's Absorb

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