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FiercePharma says: The company boosted third-quarter profit by 37 percent to $1.48 billion on sales growth, cost cuts and a gain from a settlement with device rival Medtronic. Revenues grew, too, by 3.5 percent (and would have increased by 8.4 percent without negative currency effects). But prescription drug sales lagged by 1.6 percent, to $4.1 billion. Wait, you say, Abbott shares led drug stocks higher precisely because of strong growth in Humira sales. Yes, but new generic rivals to Depakote cut into those gains. Read more of our coverage here...


  • Adjusted EPS Growth of 16.5 Percent (GAAP EPS Growth of 37.7 Percent)
  • Company Raises Earnings-Per-Share Outlook for 2009
  • Worldwide Operational Sales Increased 8.4 Percent 
  • Worldwide Medical Products Operational Sales Increased 16.2 Percent
  • Worldwide Nutritional Operational Sales Increased 13.1 Percent
  • International Pharmaceutical Operational Sales Increased 15.1 Percent

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Abbott Q3 Results - Q3 Top Pharma Company Earnings Reports

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