Abbott Labs - The 12 greenest companies in biopharma

Abbott Labs

2009 figures

CO2-eqiv emissions: 1.59 million (M) metric tons (1.63M)
Water Consumption: 0.8 billion (B) gallons (no change); 26 gallons per $1000 sales (27.1)
Hazardous Waste: 18,300 tons (23,900); 0.6 tons per $1M sales (0.81)
Nonhazardous Waste: 92,700 tons (down 12%)
Wastewater Effluents: 409 metric tons (down 36%)
Energy Use: 18.5M gigajoules (up 1.5%)

Abbott's green gig has three major elements: climate change, water use and product stewardship. Water is front and center. The drugmaker plans to cut total water intake by 50 percent adjusted for growth by 2015 from its 2005 baseline year. It's currently about halfway there.

Other 2005-baseline targets are CO2-equivalent emission reductions of 15 percent and waste production cut by half, adjusted for growth. Another objective: at least five zero-waste-to-landfill plants.

Abbott uses the World Business Council for Sustainable Development's global water tool for planning and management. The company propjects that 20 sites will be at high risk for water constraints by 2025 and has lowered worldwide water intake by nearly 47 percent (adjusted for sales) since 2005. 

Abbott Labs - The 12 greenest companies in biopharma