6. Actavis

Total: $250.5 million
TV: $116.6 million
Magazine: $129.3 million
Newspaper: $4.5 million
Radio: $35,900

Actavis ($ACT) is the only pharma company in the top 10 that didn't spend the bulk of its budget on TV ads. Instead, the Dublin-based drugmaker, which recently completed its $70.5 billion acquisition of Allergan and is awaiting shareholder approval of an official name change to Allergan, spent more than half of its budget (52%) on magazine advertising.

Allergan's well-known cosmetic pharmaceutical brand Botox--also approved for medical uses such as migraines, muscle spasms and incontinence--was well-represented in both TV and magazine advertising across indications. So was chronic dry eye treatment Restasis and injectable Juvederm. Meanwhile, Actavis' irritable bowel med Linzess, and its illustrative twisted blue rope over bare stomachs, became a familiar advertising image in 2014, along with oral contraceptive Lo Loestrin magazine ads.

The combined company Actavis/Allergan is expected to generate $23 billion in revenues this year, according to an Actavis press release.

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6. Actavis

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