11. Robert Bradway - Amgen

Robert Bradway
CEO, Amgen
Total Compensation:
$13.65 million

Professional Profile: Robert Bradway, a Harvard Business School graduate, knows his way around Amgen ($AMGN) pretty well. Prior to taking up the helm in May 2012, he served as COO, CFO and VP of operations strategy. Before joining the company, he worked at Morgan Stanley in London overseeing the firm's banking department and corporate finance activities in Europe, focusing on healthcare.

Company Profile: The highlight for Amgen's 2013--and for 2013 M&A in general--was the $10.4 billion pickup of orphan drugmaker Onyx, whose Kyprolis could reach $3 billion in peak sales. And the consensus on the deal? Well-played by Bradway, analysts said. The Amgen chief used some savvy M&A moves to ultimately win over the biotech at a nice price, including requesting interim trial data he knew Onyx couldn't reveal--and then using the company's refusal as a bargaining point.

Kyprolis should take the pressure off some of the company's older meds like Epogen, which is waning thanks to biosimilar competition overseas. But some of its others--like Neupogen and Neulasta--are still making headway in emerging markets, and the California company said last October it was buying the rights from Roche ($RHHBY) in many such countries and stepping up its efforts there.

Overall, sales rose 8% for the year to $18.2 billion, with profits jumping 14% to $5.08 billion. For the year ahead, growth on the bottom line rather than the top seems to be the story, analysts have noted. But going forward, the company has a couple of candidates that could pump revenue up when they hit the scene. Among them is cardio compound evolocumab, a PCSK9 blocker with blockbuster aspirations that looked strong in the clinic through 2013. -- Carly Helfand (email | Twitter)

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11. Robert Bradway - Amgen

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