Sanofi beefs up social media channels with Spanish Twitter push

Sanofi ($SNY) is stepping up its social media game with a new project in Spain. The French drugmaker has added a new Twitter handle to its Iberian lineup, @Sanofifarmacia, designed to create a pool of reference information and help community pharmacies promote their businesses.

The new Twitter account joins a web portal for Spanish pharmacists, De Sanofi a tu Farmacia--From Sanofi to your Pharmacy--which provides pharmacists with information, training, news and pharmaceuticals information, PMLive reports.

Via Twitter, Sanofi will augment that portal with nuts-and-bolts discussions: how to develop a digital marketing plan, how to use digital tools in professional practice and so on. And it will roll out info on a subject close to Sanofi's heart: diabetes. Among the company's top-selling products is the diabetes treatment Lantus.

The new handle also adds to Sanofi's other social-media efforts in the country. Last year, the company launched Campus Sanofi, a community for doctors that includes a website and mobile app. The program is designed to help doctors get savvy on social media and other Internet resources. The idea is to teach physicians how to use digital tools to communicate with patients, collaborate with other health professionals and even how to use LinkedIn as a professional tool.

So, in a way, @Sanofifarmacia is a variant on that theme, only aimed toward pharmacists rather than physicians.

"With the launch of this channel, Sanofi aims to create a dynamic meeting point for all community pharmacists and pharmacies and to provide information to improve their daily lives, especially in the digital realm," Ramon Bonet, Sanofi's pharmacy division deputy director, told PMLive.

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