Wal-Mart boosts $4 generic program

The march of the generics continues. Wal-Mart says it's adding 24 new meds to its line-up of $4 prescriptions, including drugs for glaucoma, attention deficient hyperactivity disorder, and fungal infections. Plus, certain fertility and birth control drugs will be available for $9.

Since Wal-Mart unveiled the $4 program last fall, it has come to account for 40 percent of prescriptions filled at the company's pharmacies. A Wal-Mart official says the current list of $4 drugs is "scratching the surface" and that more will likely be added.

The company's also pledging to get new-to-market generics on the list lickety-split. Witness the generic form of Coreg, which was just approved by the FDA--it's already on the list.

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