Reportlinker Adds Intellectual Property Protection and Regulatory Regimes in Emerging Markets

NEW YORK, Jan. 11, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- announces that a new market research report is available in its catalogue:

Intellectual Property Protection and Regulatory Regimes in Emerging Markets


The report traces how regulatory policy, in particular relating to intellectual property, has shaped the emerging markets. In doing so, it explores differences in the treatment of generics and innovative medicines, from a policy/regulatory perspective. It also looks to the future to see in which direction government policy is headed.

Features and benefits

* Understand the operating environment in the emerging markets from an intellectual property and wider regulatory perspective.

* Enables research-based companies to prepare for the impact of generic competition in emerging markets.

* Evaluate which countries enforce intellectual property rights most effectively.

* Identify in which countries your products will be most at risk of compulsory licensing.

* Assess whether governments' policies favor generics over innovative products.


Although all of the emerging markets (except Russia) covered by the report have updated their national legislation to comply with TRIPS, they have been resisting pressure to implement many of the "TRIPS-plus" measures that have been called for by the research-based industry and by developed countries such as the US.

A recurrent trend in many of the emerging markets is that the drug approval process for generics is becoming more rigorous, with a view to ensuring that the safety and efficacy of these products meets the same standards as patent-protected medicines.

There are two main driving forces which will in future encourage emerging markets to implement more stringent measures for protecting intellectual property: the lure of potentially lucrative free trade agreements; and the fact that, in several cases - their domestic pharmaceutical industry is moving towards an innovation-led approach.

Your key questions answered

* What is the current state of IP protection in the emerging markets of Brazil, China, India, Mexico, Russia, and Turkey?

* Do these emerging markets conform to international norms in terms of IP protection?

* In what ways do regulations differ for innovative products and generics?

* Do governments' policies favor generics over innovative products and in what direction are future governments' policies headed?

* Is there a realistic threat of compulsory licensing?

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: Intellectual Property Protection and Regulatory Regimes in Emerging Markets

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