Pfizer eyes M&A in emerging markets, generics

Think Pfizer has had enough of buyouts for awhile, now that it's partially digested the $68 billion Wyeth acquisition? Think again. CFO Frank D'Amelio told the German newspaper Handelsblatt that the company is scouting for potential buys in several specific areas, including emerging markets.

Pfizer's also interested in acquisitions that would augment its established products unit--a.k.a. generics--which it's been building up for some time now. It's also looking to beef up its presence in inflammatory diseases, cancer and Alzheimer's, D'Amelio said.

Pfizer has been moving deeper into emerging markets in a variety of ways, including cutting prices in certain countries to build sales volume. It has set up licensing deals with companies such as Aurobindo Pharma, an Indian drugmaker that offered Pfizer 60 products in 70 emerging markets. Bolt-on acquisitions would be just another way to jockey for market share in countries that Big Pharma is targeting for growth.

Likewise with generics. Pfizer's looking to grow its off-patent drug offerings as a way to diversify beyond prescription drugs--and break its fall off the patent cliff. But so are several other Big Pharma companies, so Pfizer will have plenty of competition for attractive deal targets.

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