Pfizer aims to grow generically

Diversification, did you say? Pfizer is into it, too. A company executive told a German newspaper--the business daily Handelsblatt--that Pfizer's recent deal with Aurobindo Pharma wouldn't be enough to satisfy its appetite for growth in the copycat drugs business.

David Simmons, who heads up the company's established products business, told the paper that Pfizer would develop its own new generics, buy licenses for more generic drugs or buy generics makers outright. Apparently, Pfizer is really serious about competing in the market.

Simmons wouldn't say whether Pfizer would consider buying Ratiopharm, the German generics maker that's up for sale, or Actavis, an Icelandic company that's also seeking a buyer.

Pfizer is one of several Big Pharma companies that's looking to grow their generics businesses. As their branded meds fall off patent, they're getting hit with generic competition. So why not nab some of that copycat revenue for themselves? As the old saying goes, if you can't beat 'em ...

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