One-third of Americans don't trust generics

Are misconceptions about generic meds curtailing their use? A new study by pharmacy benefits manager Prescription Solutions (part of UnitedHealth Group) found that one-third of Americans either a.) don't know, or b.) don't believe that copycat meds contain the same active ingredients as branded drugs. Or they know the APIs are the same, but they still don't believe generics are as effective as branded med. Two-thirds don't realize how large the cost difference between generics and branded meds can be, the survey found.

It appears that doctors and pharmacists, however, have a lot of power when it comes to switching patients to generics. Of the patients who said they do use generic meds regularly, 64 percent said their doctors recommended the copycat approach; 43 percent credited their pharmacists for the recommendation. With 71 percent of respondents worried about the cost of their meds, this sounds like an educational opportunity just waiting for some generics maker or association to step in. Or some PBM that collects a bigger margin on generics than on branded meds, maybe?

- read the release from Prescription Solutions