MS patients search Internet for info on drugs from Genzyme, Novartis

Some patients with multiple sclerosis often attack the Internet for anything new about what drugs are available and what may be next. A survey of so-called health activists by Extrovertic and WEGO Health found that many of them have an "insatiable appetite" for updated information, Medical Marketing & Media reports. When brands were mentioned, 57% said they were interested in more information on Novartis' ($NVS) Gilenya, and 65% were looking for info on Genzyme's Aubagio. They were also anxious to glean insights about yet-to-be-approved drugs, like one under development by Biogen Idec ($BIIB). Many said they would ask their doctors to change their prescription if they heard about something that might do a better job for them. The researchers said that what drug companies can learn from this is that they need to regularly push out information about products through news releases, videos and blurbs that will get re-Tweeted. Of course, the FTC and FDA are keeping a close eye on social media ads. The FTC this week gave some guidance that should help drugmakers follow the rules. Story | More