FDA garbles social media education, but social media discipline is clear enough

The FDA may be having problems handing down its social media commandments. But it's playing enforcer just the same.

Last week, the agency hosted a webinar promising to illuminate the guidelines it's drawing for pharma's online chit-chat. As BioWorld notes, people really wanted to see the light. Many people, in fact--so many that the event filled up.

But when it came time for the clouds to part, FDA experienced technical difficulties. Registered guests couldn't log on. The slide presentation crashed. After trying to fix it on the fly, FDA resorted to audio-only. By the end of the event, the slides were back up, but the audio "was intermittent and unintelligible," BioWorld notes, "similar, some would say, to the FDA's message on social media as a whole."

Meanwhile, FDA was just as busy--and perhaps a bit clearer--when it issued a couple of missives to trespassing companies. Read more at FiercePharmaMarketing >>