Eliquis, Opdivo push up Bristol-Myers' quarterly ad spend

Bristol-Myers Squibb ($BMY) spent Q3 competing in a couple of hot market races--and for that, it needed more ad dollars. The company's advertising and product promotion costs rose 13% to $193 million for the period, following two quarters of double-digit decreases this year--and a 14% overall decrease for all of 2014. A fair share of that money went toward promoting Eliquis, which is chasing Johnson & Johnson ($JNJ) and Bayer's Xarelto and Boehringer Ingelheim's Pradaxa in the new-age anticoagulant market. And BMS also shelled out on checkpoint inhibitor Opdivo--up against Merck's ($MRK) Keytruda--with a DTC ad that first aired in September. More from FiercePharmaMarketing