Bayer bucks pharma trend with 'remarkable' growth in new drugs

Bayer chief Marijn Dekkers--Courtesy of Bayer

Bayer's new drugs are bringing home the bacon. The German drugmaker raised its 2015 forecast for 5 key products to €2.5 billion ($3.3 billion)--and confirmed previous promises that those drugs would surpass €5.5 billion by 2020.

Already, those drugs helped push Bayer HealthCare's 2012 sales up by 8.4% to €18.6 billion, or about $24.38 billion. The anticoagulant Xarelto alone grew 265%, to €322 million, as it was launched in new markets around the world. And those key products are expected to drive 6% annual sales growth for the unit through 2015. "The fact that almost half of peak sales could be reached in three years already is remarkable," Bankhaus Metzler analyst Sebastian Frericks told Reuters.

The company also turned in strong emerging markets growth--pharma sales alone jumped by almost 8% there, compared with mostly stagnant sales in Europe. Emerging markets now account for around 37% of the entire company's sales.

The growth predictions are a standout in the pharma industry these days. Most Big Pharmas forecast flat sales growth for this year as they continue to struggle with patent cliff losses. And 2012 growth for most was anemic at best. Bayer figures on "mid-single-digit sales growth" from HealthCare for 2013, to about €19 billion.

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