Barr, Bayer clinch generic Yasmin deal

Another generic deal that antitrust watchdogs love to hate: Barr Pharmaceuticals inked a deal to sell an "authorized generic" version of Bayer's birth control pill Yasmin by July 1, several years before the product's last patent expires. Barr also will launch an authorized copycat of Bayer's Yaz product on July 1, 2011. In both instances, Barr gets exclusive rights to sell the meds in the U.S., and Bayer will supply the pills. In return, Bayer will get a share of the sales.

You'll recall that in March, a federal court deemed one of Yasmin's key patents invalid. Bayer is appealing that decision. Even if Bayer wins, though, Barr will still get to sell generic Yasmin. It will just have to pay a larger share of sales to Bayer for the privilege.

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