ALSO NOTED: Cephalon buys muscle relaxant rights; Novartis

> Cephalon has pledged $100 million for North American rights to the muscle relaxant Amrix, a drug developed by ECR Pharmaceuticals that was recently approved by the FDA. Cephalon expects to introduce the drug during the fourth quarter. Release

> Accentuate the positive: That's Novartis' motto. The company's head of oncology announced today that the company has 25 cancer drugs in either phase I or phase II, predicting at least one new drug or new indication within seven years. Report

> Indian generics maker Cadila Pharmaceuticals is scouting overseas for acquisitions, its chairman says. The company would like a stronger foothold in international markets; it's seeking targets with sales of $300 million or more. No word on just which $300 million-plus companies it's eyeing. Report

And Finally... See a doctor and get your prescription filled in the same building--the concept is much too logical for healthcare, but pharmacy-based clinics are multiplying across the face of the U.S. Article