Social media spin mistress Kardashian mops up Duchesnay's marketing mess

Kim Kardashian issued a corrected social media post for Diclegis with the hashtag "CorrectiveAd" on Instagram.

Kim Kardashian knows a thing or two about cleaning up messes on social media. Amid the festivities at this past weekend's MTV Video Music Awards--and after a crackdown by the FDA--the celebutante put out a corrected social media post for Canadian pharma Duchesnay's morning sickness med, Diclegis.

The correction comes after the FDA chastised Duchesnay for violating its branding rules and demanded that it fix the problem with corrective media. The company had until Aug. 21 to respond to the agency.

Kardashian took to Instagram with the hashtag "#CorrectiveAd" to set the record straight. "I guess you saw the attention my last #morningsickness post received," she said in a caption underneath the same photo that accompanied the original post. That, you'll recall, was Kardashian's now notorious, "OMG. Have you heard about this?" Instagram post for Diclegis.

A few weeks ago, the agency lashed out at Duchesnay for Kardashian's post, saying in a letter that it "misbranded" the drug--the FDA's usual term for marketing that oversteps its bounds. Kardashian may have linked to a website with details about the drug, but the post itself didn't include any mention of the med's potential risks or limitations, the FDA said in its warning letter.

The agency asked Duchesnay to take down the post "immediately," and Kardashian complied, deleting it from her Instagram feed. The agency also asked the company to issue a correction in the medium in which the message was posted.

Kardashian's correction comes more than 20 days after the FDA sent the initial letter to the drug company, The Hill points out, but it also addresses the FDA's concerns head-on. The new post includes the official laundry list of warnings for Diclegis, cautioning against taking the drug while breastfeeding, warning that it shouldn't be used with alcohol, and so on. The corrected post also mentions that the drug has not yet been tested in pregnant women with hyperemesis gravidarum, a severe a prolonged version of morning sickness.

Meanwhile, Kardashian's star power continues to generate buzz for Diclegis on social media. Since the reality TV star's original post--which generated 460,000 likes--social media conversations about the drug shot up more than 500%, according to marketing firm Treato. And the corrected post is garnering its fair share of attention, chalking up more than 351,000 likes on Monday morning from Kardashian's followers, according to The Hill story. What happens next in this episode of pharma-celeb marketing is anyone's best guess.

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