Sanofi has Lantus for now but says its successor is looking good

Lantus is the best-selling diabetes drug in the world right now, hitting $6.674 billion last year. It is also the top-selling drug for Sanofi ($SNY). But the drug goes off patent in 2015, so the French drugmaker is coming on strong with its Lantus successor, known as U300. It hopes to get that drug to the market in time to overcome the shortfall it will see from Lantus. Tuesday, the drugmaker released results that showed the drug candidate posted a 23% drop in the number of patients suffering from low blood sugar--hypoglycemia--when compared to the Lantus arm, FierceBiotech reports. It also showed similar results over 6 months. Sanofi caught a huge break this year when the FDA sidelined Tresiba, the drug from Novo Nordisk ($NVO) that could give Lantus a run for its money. But given the place Lantus holds for the drugmaker, getting the new product approved will be essential. Story | More